Benefits of our Infrared Heating Film

When using electric underfloor heating, ceiling or wall heating with SPIRO AMT infrared heating film, an even distribution of heat is created. This heating system offers a more pleasant room climate than conventional heating systems! Air turbulence is minimized and temperature remains at a lower level, it means that the perceived temperature is higher than the actual temperature.

SPIRO AMT heating foil consumes as floor heating only the energy that is required for an ideal temperature, and adapts itself by means of a precise regulation by means of suitable regulators the heat requirement.

Infrared heating does not produce any whirling up of dust. This heating system is therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

The high quality SPIRO AMT heating film is very durable – about 30 years.
The parallel connection of the individual heating strips or heating elements guarantee a perfect operability of the electrical floor or ceiling heating, even if individual elements should fail, for example due to mechanical damage.

Easy installation
The heating film can be combined with almost any floor covering and building material. Thanks to its low thickness of 0.3 mm, it is the ideal heating system for renovations / renovations and the conversion of buildings.

Our heating film installed as surface heating, is maintenance-free!!!

Environmentally friendly
The production of SPIRO AMT heating film is environmentally friendly. It is completely recyclable in its components. All our products comply with the RoHS directive.

SPIRO AMT heating film does not generate electromagnetic fields (EMF). As an additional option, a full-surface shielding of the heating surface is available.

The carrier film is not flammable.

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