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SPIRO AMT Heating Cable and Heating Cable Mat

SPIRO AMT electromagnetic field free Heating Cable is made up of 4 parts. The NiChrome heating resistor is designed with precision by calculating resistant value per length. The heating resistor cable is then covered with its 1st insulation coating: TEFLON, which resists heat up to 300°C. The coated cable is processed with electromagnetic proof screen to cut electromagnetic fields. The proofed cable is then covered with PVC outter covering which resist heat up to 105°C. Such complex structure promotes safety and durability of our Heating Cabl

Controlled Non-Magnetic Heating

Two heating wires with each current flowing opposite directions have same amplitude and wave length but opposite current direction. Such structure offsets electromagnetic filed and minimize it.
The braid around the wire shields and grounds electric field, eliminating electrical hazard

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