SPIRO AMT Infrared Heating Film

Infrared carbon heating film is ideal as electric underfloor -, wall -, ceiling -, mirror anti-fog and mobile home heating.

Our heating fil is available in 50, 80 or 100 cm widths with a capacity of 150 W / m² or 220 W / m².

SPIRO AMT infrared heating film is manufactured to the highest quality standards. The certification takes place in Europe. We offer a 15-year warranty on our products.

The heating film can be cut to the desired size along the given lines.

Heating surface and heating power are selectable. The film is 0.3 mm thick and can be adapted to any design. The carrier foil is not flammable.

Possible areas of application of our infrared heating foils:

Electric underfloor heating
Electric wall and ceiling heating
Automatic snow melting systems
Heater for camper
Mirror anti-fog heating
Heat source for pets, z. B. reptiles
Heating of barrels and tanks

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